Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slight Risk of Severe Weather Today; Big Severe South of Here

This morning, the SPC has taken areas north of I-40 out of the Slight risk region of this system and placed a small MDT risk for areas in Southern AL. I want to point out that just because the SPC has us out of the risk area, doesn't mean we won't see severe weather north or east of I-40. I will even go out to say that if we end up seeing more sun then first thought, we could very well be put back into the Slight region.

If you are to get a t'storm to form over you, you can expect a lot of lightning and possibly some hail and damaging wind gust, but the main risk would be hail. And due to the isolated nature of this severe ability for us, I do not see us getting into a Watch at all today. Now for people in Southern AL...that's a whole different story where they have a tornado chance too.

Nashville: low to mid 60's
Clarksville: low to mid 60's
Cookeville: low 60's
Columbia: mid 60's
Manchester: low to mid 60's

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