Monday, February 9, 2009

The Highland Rim "StormCast" Map

Here's my forecasted SPC Convective Outlook map for the Weds. system. As you can tell from my map, I think most of Middle TN and South Central KY will be in the moderate risk areas (maybe excluding some of the eastern counties on or close to the Plateau) for the risk of strong, damaging winds. From reading the updated looks at OHX, they are saying that we could see wind gust as high as 45 mph in the pre-arrival of the front. With 45 mph winds at the surface ahead of the front, when we get these strong storms to move in, the winds wouldn't have to go up too much to cause damage. Over on you can see the post that Davis Nolan did concerning this wind potential.

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Clay said...

Looks like things could get interesting!