Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 3 Slight Risk For Middle TN/South Central KY

Well here we go folks, it looks like around the Weds. time frame we are expecting some strong to severe storms with damaging winds being the primary threat, but isolated tornado development can't be ruled out either. For here the main concern is of a frontal squall line event bringing with it 60+ mph winds. But if we get more time to destabilize and to stay in the warm sector longer...we could see pre-frontal (storms ahead of the squall) storm development and those tend to have the better chance to spawn tornadoes. I will be monitoring this threat all day long today and will have more tonight. This is a threat that you need to take with caution. I'm not expecting anything near the magnitude of Feb. 5th, but this is a threat that needs to be watched closely for everyone in Middle TN/South Central KY.

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