Monday, December 8, 2008

Warmer Monday; Wetter and Stormier Mid-Week

This morning you will wake up to lows below freezing, but not in the teens like we have seen the previous nights. We will have a light south wind (5-10 mph) that will help boost the temps. into the low to mid 50's for most folks, but a few areas could stay in the upper 40's for a high today. And with this south wind prevailing, this will ripen our moisture for the stormier activity that will sweep through our region on Tuesday and Weds. At this point it looks like most of our severe weather will be to our south, but a few embedded storms could form here and have the potential to have gusty, damaging winds with them. But I'm not forecasting a widespread event by any means.

Nashville: mid 50's
Clarksville: mid 50's
Cookeville: low to mid 50's
Columbia: mid 50's
Manchester: low to mid 50's

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