Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Forecast

Well, the time has come yet again. I've always been told that when you get older, time goes by much faster. Well I'm only 16 years old and time is going by faster then ever, if it was to go any faster...I might miss Christmas from here on out! But anyway, if you are traveling here in the Mid State for the holidays, it will be a wet go for you, especially if you are in Western Middle TN and Western KY. The temps. today could reach the 60ยบ mark, but the real weather story is the wind. The OHX office is saying we could have wind gust as high as 50 mph today, and that isn't with the storm winds we could see today. There's a small risk of some severe weather in western parts of Middle TN today, and the biggest threat would be damaging winds. Hope everyone has a safe, Christmas Holiday!

*I will be doing a post might be a mid-day post, but I will do one on Christmas Day!

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