Monday, December 22, 2008

Frigid TN Day; Coldest Morning Since 1993

WOW! When and if you manage to go outside this morning, you will be rudely introduced to this cold, arctic air that has been here for almost a day total now. Here's a list of some of the early morning readings and their WCV's.

7ºF, WC: -2ºF- Clarksville, TN
9ºF, WC: -2ºF- Shelbyville, TN
7ºF, WC: -5ºF- Hopkinsville, KY
5ºF, WC: -6ºF- Cookeville, TN
7ºF, WC: -2ºF- Bowling Green, KY
14ºF, WC: 4ºF- Waynesboro, TN

And this cold weather is going to stick around today as well just like it did yesterday. Our high will only reach 26ºF in Nashville while many areas will see readings between 21ºF-25ºF. But lucky our temp. will rise overnight tonight a little and we will see those temps. reach the 40's tomorrow...but we also have a freezing rain/sleet chance tonight as well, but that risk is slight and it won't amount to much at all.


WilliamBrantley said...

Hello To THE Highland Rim WX Blog.
Here in Bemis, Tn.
Lo On 12/22/08 : 8 *
The Coldest Lo For 2008 so far.

Charles Loring said...

Thanks William for that report. Merry Christmas!