Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cold Night; Quick Warm-Up!

After many kids enjoyed their day off....(sorry to those who weren't), we looked poised to have a warm day tomorrow. But before that, let us get the cold out of the way, and I said COLD!!!

For tomorrow, our area can expect highs in the Upper 50's to 60's!! This is due to a 15-30 m.p.h. south wind getting pumped into area. I wouldn't be surprised to hear if we have a Lake Wind Advisory, or High Wind Warning placed on us tomorrow. If we are, and if you plan on spending the day on a lake with the warmer temps. wear a LIFE JACKET!!!!! Those winds can cause rough chop on Lakes and cause smaller vessels to capsize!

By late Wednesday night, we'll have a line of showers push in to the Mid-State, via another cold front. You can expect some moderate rain and a few embeded thunderstorms...not expecting ANY severe weather out of the stronger cells.

After the front moves through, kiss the warm-up, bye-bye. Area highs Thursday will only be in the 40's!!

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