Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home Ice Pictures

From this image you can see that the pine tree is sagging a bit and that the tree in front has a good deal of ice on it. The ground is also has a nice white tint to it and it is very crunchy! Sorry for the image being a bit dark.
This image is from the tree you see in the first image that is really white. The ice covered this tree pretty good and this is where I determined that we had .25" of ice.
Most areas in Middle TN are seeing rain this morning and just plain rain. Some areas, especially in Northern and NW Middle TN, may be seeing some sleet or freezing rain mixed in, but you can expect that action to back off at around the 9 o'clock time frame more then likely.
For tonight you may of heard about the snow chance, well that chance looks pretty good at this point. I will make my only call map for that event later on today.

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