Monday, January 12, 2009

The Highland Rim SnowTrac Map: 11/13 System

I will do a new one tonight after I review the new data outlook and see where to go from there. But from everything being said this morning, I feel this is a good chance at what may happen. Areas N/NE of Nashville will have the best chance at accumulation while areas south of I-40 the potential isn't as high.


Susan said...

Charles, I so hope you are right about this snow... I am home from work (school) today sick, but really could use a snow day tomorrow!

BTW: are you the same one I "talked" to on nashvillewx during the Feb storm?

Charles Loring said...

Hey Susan! That was indeed me. What a day and a few weeks that much as I like storms, I hope that nothing like that ever occurs again.