Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1" of Snow Here, Pictures Below

This image shows you the sharp temperature drop we had in just a little under an hour period. We went from 32.8ºF at 4 this morning, down to 27.2º at 9:45.
This one is of the snow coming down on top of the freezing rain and sleet we had before (image below) and it accumulated to 1". That will be one of the highest totals reported in from this system I believe.

This from the same view, but at an earlier time as the ground is just now getting white with sleet. This sleet accumulation made for icy roads, which we still have here in Macon County, and has made for hazardous driving. All of this moisture has pushed off to our E and SE, but we shouldn't see temps. get above freezing here or in many places today in Middle TN and South Central KY, the areas who have the best chance are in S and SW areas of Middle TN.

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